Day: 2010/05/31

Remain in Links

Three Memorial Day morsels fresh from the grill:

(1)  Rochelle Olson, “Job Market Leaves New Lawyers far from Easy Street

The Minneapolis Star Tribune notes the underemployment plights of a handful of recent law grads.  One is even fluent in multiple foreign languages, which I thought was a shoe-in qualification.  Only temp work is available for them at best.

Related to my previous post: towards the end, University of Minnesota Law School dean, David Wippmann, blames tuition increases on the state for reducing public funding of higher education.  He obviously doesn’t see a legal education bubble because he should be asking why law school is so expensive relative to its outcomes to begin with.  I also disagree with State Supreme Court Justice Anderson’s characterization of the State’s educational priorities: no one is starving the beast and then blaming it for failing; rather, people are failing to see the beast gorging itself unsustainably.  On the contrary, Minnesotans should be happy their tax dollars aren’t being funneled into an asset bubble.

Minnesota is a special case I’ll return to later.