True Links–NY State Bar Wakens to the Legal Professsion’s Problems

(1)  Priyanka Singh, “Legal benefits: Job options, Fat Salaries Draw Students to Law.”

Sound crazy?  When I read the title, I thought I was in for some fun.  Turns out I was wrong, psyche!  It’s talking about India, which is a fast-growing economy that could conceivably suffer from a legal services shortage.  Notice, though, that India has an undergraduate law degree rather than a three-year India Bar Association (if it exists)-accredited degree.  Kinda amusing how different countries do things differently.

(2)  Victor Li, “NY State Bar to Consider, Propose Changes to Legal Profession.”

Stephen Younger, New York State Bar Association President, is creating a task force to reform the legal profession before we witness another 2009.  Younger appears to have a better pulse on what’s going on than the ABA.  In the June 2010 NYSBA Journal, he writes, “Since April 2008, the legal sector has lost more than 50,000 jobs…At the same time that job opportunities for law school graduates diminished, tuition rates and student loan debt loads rose.  It will clearly take time for us to get our profession back on its feet.” (“President’s Message” 5).  Hopefully the NYSBA will see the tuition bubble and act on it.  I wonder whether President Younger is a bubbler or a bottlenecker.  Until then, I say, “Your skills will be put to the test.”


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