Day: 2010/08/16

Strawberry Rankings Forever

I prefer "Here Comes the Sun," then again, I'm an unabashed George-o-phile.

Incidentally I listened to Magical Mystery Tour recently.  Great songs, but the concept rehashes Sergeant Pepper.

Bob Morse’s comments on the ABA’s and law schools’ responsibility for rising tuition caused me to completely rethink my opinion on the U.S. News rankings.  I gave y’all a paragraph of that two weeks ago, but allow me to expand on it.



Yellow Links

Leslie Kwoh, “Irate Law School Grads Say They Were Mislead about Job Prospects,” New Jersey Star-Ledger

A fairly concise article on the law school tuition bubble without calling it a law school tuition bubble.  A few points:

  • The ABA affirms the $65,000 break-even starting salary.
  • “Since the start of the decade, 18 new schools have received accreditation, adding to the existing 182 and helping swell the ranks of enrollment by 20,000 students.”