The Link Kontroversy—Law Schools’ Evening Programs Imperiled, ‘Gainful Employment’ Rules Stalled, & Boy Have I Got a Job for You!

Karen Sloan, “Law School’s Evening Classes Fall Prey to Recession,” in The National Law Journal

Pace University Law School has decided to phase out its evening program.  The reason: people’s employers aren’t paying for it anymore.  It’s heartening to know that those interested in evening programs opt against attending rather than take out student loans.  It also indicates that people don’t save up money to go to law school.

Goldie Blumenstyk, “Education Dept. to Delay Issuing ‘Gainful Employment’ Rules Opposed by For-Profit Colleges,” in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Mike Elk, “Why Are Progressives Fighting Student-Loan Reform?” in The American Prospect

The DoE caved to for-profit colleges and will delay full implementation of the “Gainful Employment” rule.  Much of it will go into effect next month, the rest early next year.  Fortunately, the DoE is only delaying implementation to clarify critics’ comments.  No evidence suggests it’ll water down the rule.

Meanwhile, various progressive groups are fighting the proposal because they hate people short-selling for-profit higher education.  Elk tells us this confuses conflicts of interest with good business judgment.  Bubbles are unsustainable so they will pop.  The sooner they pop the better for the economy.  Short-sellers help bubbles pop sooner.  Therefore, short-sellers help the economy.  Q.E.D.

Job Opening for…Dean, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, in the ABA Career Center website

If deaning a law school has been your lifelong dream (and you’ve got the bar cred to back it up) now is your chance to arise—and claim your destiny!

Minimum Qualifications: All candidates must have a J.D. or LL.B. degree and a record of significant professional achievement.

Preferred Qualifications: The preferred candidate will demonstrate many of the following attributes: • the vision and creativity to guide C|M|Law to greater national prominence as it prepares students for the 21st-century legal practice • proven fundraising skills • significant leadership experience • a strong record of scholarship • a commitment to promoting excellence in teaching • a commitment to supporting faculty research and an intellectually diverse culture of scholarly inquiry and debate • a commitment to diversity among students, faculty, and staff • the ability to lead and develop an excellent and dedicated staff • the ability to enhance partnerships with the University, alumni, and community

Oddly enough, I frequently find myself criticizing law school deans on this blog, but instead this post gives us an opportunity to see what Cleveland State’s priorities are.  Specifically, it says it wants someone with “the vision and creativity to guide C|M|Law to greater national prominence…”  I can’t help but think that the university wants its new dean to value expenditures per student rather than whether they’re comfortably employed upon graduation.


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