Day: 2010/11/01

Mr. Tambourine Links—NY Daily News Sides with Students, Kaplan Scams the Troops

Ah the Byrds…

Editorial, “College Costs Just Keep Going Up, Hobbling Graduates with Unfair Burdens of Debt,” in New York Daily News

Quote of the day:

[The financial aid compensating for rising tuition] comes largely from the federal government. Meaning, out of your pocket. And ours. And out of the pockets of families scraping to raise that extra 8% for tuition.

A government-sanctioned racket is what it is. States cut back on assistance to schools, so the schools raise tuition. Then the feds jump in, dish out billions in taxpayer dollars in student aid, and tuition goes up again. And again.

Meanwhile, those fortunate folks who inhabit the groves of academe feel absolutely no need to hold the line on expenses. They ought to be ashamed, most of all for sending so many graduates out into the world with diplomas and loan statements showing a near-lifetime’s worth of debt.

Daniel Golden, “Kaplan Quest for Profits at Taxpayer Expense Ensnares Veteran,” in Bloomberg

Golden reports that Kaplan is targeting veterans for its for-profit education programs, often touting that it’s owned by the Washington Post (the same media company that gives space to David Broder to advocate for warfare to stimulate the economy).  Its recruiters also decline to inform applicants that its online law school enables one to sit only for the California bar.

Looking on Kaplan’s site, a four year (!) law degree requires tuition of $9,984 per year ($39,936 total??).  This is absurd.  Conventional law school business models are bad enough but given that there’s no building, no library, and no need for scholar-faculty beyond recorded lectures, it’s simply unbelievable that Kaplan’s legal education could be so expensive.  One more reason to hope for the Gainful Employment rule change and to pray for the Washington Post’s demise.