Day: 2010/11/18

No Bubble, Just ROCK!!! Vol. 2

Folks, I said I’d be busy for a few days, so here’s some music to keep your thoughts focused.  Actually, I thought I’d be putting these up more often!

Okay, meditate on these truths, primates:

This Byrds psychedelic instrumental is my new theme song [sorry for the redirect 😦 ].

Not to be outdone, the Soft Boys give us the best arthropod-based rock & roll song since the Who’s “Boris the Spider.” [You might wanna listen to this on YouTube; the audio is better.]

When you send me to CLEs, I will doodle!

Finally, your love(less) song of the day, courtesy of another band worthy of special mention for getting me through law school: Mr. Airplane Man.