No Bubble, Just ROCK!!! Vol. 3

I wish I could say that I’ve been enjoying Winter Break too much to blog or that I’ve been neglecting it for a week, but truth be told I’ve been working on a small quantitative project I will roll out in 2011.  Until then, I’ll close the year with some Rock ‘n’ Roll.

I dedicate this beauty by the Dirtbombs to all the legal education reformers (young and old) I’ve come into contact with over the past year.

The second one, courtesy of Guided by Voices, is to all you law students.  Here’s what you should do this year, if you’re not snowed in.  You can also see GbV play on New Year’s Eve in Manhattan, if you have $80 to burn.  I don’t.

Third one, by Screaming Trees, is for this blog’s readers.

A happy 2011 to you all!


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