Day: 2011/02/17

Quick Link–Albany Law School’s Tuition Hike Is Newsworthy

Adam Sichko, “Albany Law Plans Tuition Hike, Pay Freeze,” in The Business Review

Usually when a law school announces a tuition hike (like Stanford’s) I ignore it because it’s not newsworthy. This time though, the law school is raising tuition but *gasp* freezing professors’ pay. According to SALT’s 2009-2010 salary survey, Albany’s law professors do fairly well: Assistant/Associate/Full professors made $96,600/$102,600/$138,500 respectively. The increase is more a shift because the school is taking in fewer applicants, which is good, though I still doubt the legal market will be good enough 3.5 years from now to justify $41,570 per year plus tuition increases over the next two years for applicants. I don’t know how healthcare costs can be mounting for people in this income bracket (I do know it’s a national phenomenon due to our rent-seeking healthcare system), and library resources can’t really be that useful. I’ve always been under the impression that tuition hikes were more a function of U.S. News rankings feuding than reasonable cost of living adjustments and maintaining a passable library. Nonetheless, while I see these changes as cosmetic, it’s interesting to note that one law school is not behaving business as usual.