Quick Link—February LSATs down 7.5% from 2010

I credit the scambloggers for a Pyrrhic victory.

2,093 fewer people than last year sat for the February LSAT. The 2010-2011 testing year saw a drop from 171,514 to 155,050—16,464 drop equaling 9.6%. Despite the drop, 2010-2011 was the second highest LSAT year on record. The number of LSAT takers is the best measure of demand for juris doctors, and because legal education is highly countercyclical, a drop in LSAT takers is unprecedented.

Oddly, tuition is still increasing.

See for yourself.


One comment

  1. These diploma factories are always thirsty for more funds. If a school drops from 89th best to the third tier, tuition goes up. If a school sees an increase in left-handed students, I’m sure they would use this to justify an increase. If a school raises $40 million to build a new library (capital investment), the students see an increase in tuition.

    Apparently, the schools feel that spending million$ on new facilities will make the school better – at least in terms of USN&WR’s rankings. In the end, the schools are concerned with raking in those federally-backed student loan dollars.

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