Wait, Did Cooley Expose Itself to Liability with Its “Report One”?

One thing I forgot to mention in my post about Cooley’sReport One: National Employment” and then I’m off to the Mets/Brewers game.

Recall Cooley closed with this:

In sum, the data shows that the blogs and media segment have it almost completely wrong. Unbiased national data from the past ten years establishes that the legal profession has one of the lowest unemployment rates, one of the most stable job markets, and is one of the least susceptible to the effects of economic recession, making the legal profession one of the best career choices.

If you were a law school that just got hit with a lawsuit claiming you defrauded your students by enticing them with juked employment stats, should you really be publishing lines like these?

By the way, I already downloaded the pdf.


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