Petitions and Protests

Here’re a few things for you activists to keep an eye on: two petitions and a protest.

There’s one petition going around the Internet asking the House of Representatives to pass a resolution favoring forgiving student loan debt per Michigan representative Hansen Clarke’s proposal (H. Res. 365). It’s close to getting the 90,000 signatures it’s asking for, but there’s room for more.

LawProf of Inside the Law School Scam has started his own petition. While it accepts signatures from all law students and graduates, it’s targeting law faculty and asking them to demand the ABA to require the law schools to provide transparent employment data. LawProf will submit it when one hundred faculty members sign it.

For those of you not into petitions or transparency and prefer direct action, a protest is in pipeline. On October 8, 2011, Dan, a 2009 law grad who operates Highest Education, will be leading a protest against excessive tuition and student loan debt. The venue is Thomas Jefferson School of Law (TJSL) in San Diego, California, because it’s the defendant in 2008 graduate Anna Alaburda’s lawsuit. Alaburda claims TJSL defrauded her, and she’s seeking class action certification. Here’s the link to Dan’s Facebook page, “Rally against The Education Industrial Complex.”


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