Day: 2011/11/28

Pictures from the Zuccotti Park Occupation

At first blush you may be thinking, “LSTB, the occupiers were evicted from Zuccotti Park, why did it take you this long to post all these pictures?”

And I will answer, “Because I finally got the film back on Thanksgiving.”


Yes folks, I toyed with my grandfather’s 1960s Yashica TL-Super, which–get this–is the first camera to have an electrical light meter. Y-A-Y! The battery I got for it doesn’t work well, which is why even after dorking them with Picasa they still look overexposed. Yeah, that’s the other thing: it’s fully manual. Focus, aperture, shutterspeed, film speed, it’s all (poorly) determined by me. The camera doesn’t really have anything better to offer than my far more recently imported Canon Powershot, except one of the lenses (it’s an SLR) is 50mm with an aperture ranging between 1.4-16 f-stops. That’s why everything in the background is Yashica TL-super blurry. Awesome, eh? I probably should’ve used the mid-range 35mm lens with 2.8-16 f-stops, but that’s actually effectively worse than my digital.

The most surprising thing was that I think more people were staring at my camera than viewing the occupation.

Oh, and did I mention developing film is like an f-ing coke habit? Sadly, I suspect the TL-Super will not make many more outings, except if I can trick a woman I’m dating into posing for portraits.

Occupiers have a sense of humor.

It’s just like the Brick Testament!

I’m sure the State Council was THRILLED with this guy.

As to the occupation itself: it was a low-energy day in the small space that is Zuccotti Park, so it wasn’t mobilized and protesting. Aside from the occasional “income inequality” chart plastered to the park walls, I think the biggest problem I have of #OWS was it’s lack of criticism of the Federal Reserve. The Fed ignored an $8 trillion land bubble, and it’s abandoned the first part of it’s dual mandate to ensure full employment and price stability (at least it didn’t raise rates like the ECB). If anything deserves an occupying it’s the central bank’s office a few blocks east.