Will the ABA Law Student Division Respond?

On Wednesday, February 1, 2012, the Internet amused me, for on the same day, two items popped up.

(1) Joint Statement of ABA Law Student Division Chair Tremaine “Teddy” Reese and Young Lawyers Division Chair Michael G. Bergmann Re: ABA and Young Lawyers, Law Students, ABA Now

“Law students and young lawyers face more stress and uncertainty today than ever.  Today, the cost of legal education and average student loan debt loads are unprecedented, while job prospects for graduates are uncertain.  The ABA and its Law Student and Young Lawyers Divisions understand these realities, and are creating and leading initiatives to assist you during the initial stages of your career.”


(2) “Eight Law Firms Sue Twelve Law Schools,” Inside the Law School Scam, more detail at Law School Transparency.

David Anziska, “[I]t is time for the schools to take responsibility, provide compensation and commit to transparency. These lawsuits are only the beginning.”

So “Young Lawyers and Law Students”…

Door #1: The Young Lawyers Division’s initiatives?

Door #2: Suing your law school for fraud?


Seriously, when will law students (who aren’t affiliated with the ABA) start organizing the way the ones suing their law schools are?

[Bonus reading at Anthony Urti.]


  1. I want to see dozens of more diploma mills sued. In the final analysis, these “in$titution$ of higher learning” simply care about the following: (a) their reputation; (b) the public’s perception; and (c) MONEY!

    Continuing to document this mess remains the best chance to affect significant change in admissions and enrollment policies.

  2. Hard for law students to generally openly advocate against their law school because there are so many measures for punitive retaliation by a law school against them.

    In the meantime, the 14th Circuit of the ABA Law Student Division has invited Paul Campos of “Inside the Law School Scam” fame to come and speak at their conference as their keynote speaker at the UNLV law school.

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