Note to Business Insider: U.S. News’ Tuition Numbers Are Outdated

Abby Rogers, “The 20 Most Expensive Law Schools in America,” Business Insider

If you’re interested in knowing which law schools are most expensive, Business Insider is not the place to go. Its top 20 list relies on U.S. News‘ rankings that list law school tuition in 2011-12, not 2012-13.

For instance, Cornell’s tuition isn’t $53,150; it’s now $55,220 (+3.9 percent nominal).

Did I mention that 16 of Cornell’s 201 graduates last year were either totally unemployed or MIA nine months after graduating? Hope things work out for them, and everyone else for that matter. Still, 20 years on IBR is 20 years on IBR.

Why do I bring this SEO-y article up? It closes:

Be worried. Especially if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars of law school debt.



  1. Golly, 15 hugely paid lawyers out of 1.5 *million*.

    So you’ve got good odds of 100,000 to 1.


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