June LSAT Decline Decelerates

Okay, I guess a decline in deceleration is an acceleration, but since we’re talking about a negative percent change, my characterization stands.

Ready for the next chapter in the Annals of LSAT Tea-Leaf Reading? Look and behold:

The problem, as I’ve written elsewhere, is that 25,200 June LSAT takers still indicates that more people are considering law school than should be. Taking the LSAT might seem an innocuous act, but when more people took the test this June than in 2007 when there wasn’t much scambloggery afoot, it probably means that the law school bubble will not fully deflate ever. Maybe it’s just population growth or that these people won’t actually apply—or more hopefully that first-time takers arrive in June but retake in October, compounding a mild June decline into the later months—but compared to the trend this does not look good.

This chart starts around the LSAT decline following the Dotcom bust to provide a comparison, and I’ve separated the June entries in red. The “LSAT bubble” started deflating in February 2010. Pay attention to this October and see what happens, but it looks like things are about to level off.



  1. Keep in mind that several of these lemmings may have taken this test multiple times, since the ABA cockroaches now allow schools to not average an applicant’s LSAT results.

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