Day: 2013/01/09

Annals of LSAT Tea-Leaf Reading: December 2012 Edition

The dive continues:

No. LSAT Takers, 4-Testing Period Moving Average

Still not at 1990s levels, but I’m still impressed.

The LSAC has also updated its applicant and application counts:

No. Applicants Over App Cycle

No. Applications Over App Cycle

The projections are largely where they were since the last LSAC update. It’s still the hugest drop recorded.

This is still only week 1 of 2013, so there’s a while until any application deadlines, and frankly, outside of the cream-of-the-cream-of-the-cream law schools, most people can probably apply whenever they want. Here’s the chart from the Official Guide that I’ve been pondering for the last month:

No. Law Schools by Application Deadline

March 1 is week 9 this year, and March 15 is roughly when the applicant and application plateaus begin.

Nevertheless, it still looks like there’ll be over 50,000 applicants this year (I know that’s unheard of in, like, my lifetime but it’s still too high). Law schools will find fewer and fewer reasons to turn people away whom they would have only a few years ago, and they’ll probably make them pay full freight just to pay for scholarships to keep their U.S. News rankings up. Fewer applicants is good, but this won’t end prettily. I really don’t envy the dean who’s going to be called to the carpet to explain to piqued legislators how it came about that a handful of students took out gargantuan student loans to pay for their classmates’ educations.