On The Am Law Daily: ‘How Grad PLUS Loans Sustain Zombie Law Schools’

How Grad PLUS Loans Sustain Zombie Law Schools

Also, Heather Christian has talent. She wrote the score and performed in a play I saw last year called Mission Drift, which told the story of America through land bubbles. Of course I liked it.




  1. Matt
    You’ve said it before but the real problem is how unfettered government loan money has enabled law schools to greedily raise tuition rates unsustainably and unconscionably well beyond inflation, their actual costs and reasonable operating profit margins.

    Cutting off nondischargeability and imposing graduate employment hurdles on federal loan monies would do the most to, as you put it, ‘curtail expansion and halt tuition increases.’

    Law schools need to be treated by Congress like the for-profit academic institutions they most resemble.

    – Mo

    1. When the schools and banksters bear NONE of the risk of extending federally-backed loans, you will see these pigs gladly lend the money to (financially illiterate) students. What a great $y$tem, huh?!?!

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