On the Am Law Daily: ‘Most States Saw Lawyer Surplus Grow From 2009 to 2011’

Most States Saw Lawyer Surplus Grow From 2009 to 2011

For those of you who read the “Law Graduate Overproduction” page on this blog, this is the update. I’ll revise the page later.



  1. “Overall, both the number of ABA graduates and the number of law licenses distributed increased slightly between 2009 and 2011. However, that growth did not offset the decline in the BLS’s lawyer projection, so in 2011 there were more than two ABA law school graduates and three new lawyers for every job opening in the United States.”

    Of course, mental midgets afflicted with “special snowflake syndrome” will ignore the numbers and sage advice, since the odds don’t apply to them.

    1. Resistance isn’t futile: There’re going to be around 58,500 applicants this year. That’s 291 applicants per school when it was 535 in 2004. If it drops to 45,000 in two years, as I figure it will, that’s 223 applicants per school. They can’t survive on that.

  2. Your findings in the state of West Virginia are interesting. The state University there has reported much better than average placement this year, but your figures suggest it is one of the most oversaturated states.

    1. Hm. Perhaps the state government is underestimating the job growth there. Looking at the graduate employment data for the last three years, UWV does have a curiously large number of graduates finding FT/LT jobs at 101-250 firms.

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