‘State Bar Proposals Fail to Address Law Students’ Woes’ on The Am Law Daily

State Bar Proposals Fail to Address Law Students’ Woes

My favorite part of this article is the delicious line about the Luddites.

Brief correction: In the article I referred to one of the reports as coming from the “California Bar Association,” it’s actually the “State Bar of California.” Two different organizations. My mistake. I apologize.

One comment

  1. Get ready folks, “skills gap” is the new legal education buzzword, and it is the horse that will continue to be kicked long into the future. Honestly, this frustrates because a) pointing to the SG argument ignores the real problems with the legal job market, b) I have yet to find on the interwebs a cogent argument that there is a skills gap in the legal profession, c) law schools and the ABA get to continue conning 0Ls into attending, and d) it blames the victims (if we assume law grads are victims) for taking __________ theory course. As to this last one, didn’t law schools offer these courses, and didn’t the ABA fail to stop the diluting of the legal education with such courses (if we assume that is what in fact has happened)?

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