At University of Louisville, Life Imitates Life

Debra Cassens Weiss, “Former Law School Admissions Director Is Accused of Secretly Raising Scholarship Offers,” ABA Journal.

Brandon Lane Hamilton has been charged with unlawfully accessing a computer. … He is accused of going into the computer system and raising scholarship offers. …

The law school is honoring the scholarship offers, which were about $2.4 million higher than the allotted budget. The school has said it will use endowment money and “rainy day funds” to make up the difference for the 104 students who benefited.

Interim law dean Susan Duncan discovered the scholarship issue on her sixth day on the job. She says safeguards are now in place to prevent a future problem.

I few weeks ago I saw Ewan McGregor play Nick Leeson in the movie Rogue Trader, the story of how Leeson destroyed the ancient Barings Bank by fraudulently betting huge amounts of its money in the Singapore International Monetary Exchange in the early 1990s. I’m not saying it was a masterpiece of cinema (it was based on the autobiography Leeson wrote from a Singaporean prison), but I’m reminded of it because Hamilton here, unlike, say, Paul “That-way-I-can-trap-about-20-of-the-little-bastards-with-high-GPAs-that-count-and-no-LSAT-score-to-count-against-my-median” Pless of University of Illinois, it was the university that was defrauded instead of U.S. News and World Report. As a bonus, the law students ended up coming out ahead with more scholarship dough.

Can’t say the same about the Louisville students in other programs who might’ve benefited more from the extra $2.4 million though.


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