Day: 2013/11/27

‘White Flight’ Hits Nation’s Law Schools

…Is up on The Am Law Daily.

It’s pretty stark stuff, perfectly timed for a holiday in which white Americans play a leading part.

[Forgot to mention, The Law School Tuition Bubble has been nominated as one of the ABA Journal‘s “Blawg 100.” Here’s its description:

“New York City-based JD and writer Matt Leichter combats rhetoric about the cost-benefit analysis of a legal education—particularly for those who have to borrow vast sums of money for school—with research, which he archives. Leichter devours enrollment data and employment data, finds what’s interesting and lays it out. He also finds other news articles and op-eds on his chosen topic, links to them and picks them apart.”

If you are so inclined, the link for voting is here.]

Here’s some West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.



Fun fact, the Wikipedia says vocalist Bob Markley was a law school graduate. Of course this was before 1960 and he was the adopted son of a wealthy oil man.