Day: 2013/12/02

NYC Lecture Announcement

Readers of my latest Am Law Daily article may’ve seen an announcement at the end about my upcoming presentation at the Henry George School of Social Science. The notice just went out, so here’s the abstract:

College Education: Certain Debt, Uncertain Income. Soaring costs for education, together with limited job opportunities and stagnant wage growth, place substantial financial and psychological burdens on students.

Noted columnist and researcher Matt Leichter reviews tuition inflation, cuts in public funding and the business of lending to students. Mr. Leichter will also propose reforms to the system of financing college education.

Here’s the event info:

6:30 PM, Friday, December 20, 2013.

121 E. 30th St. (between Park Ave. & Lexington Ave.)

New York, NY 10016

I’m excited to present on the topic, and I hope that readers in the NYC-area will attend.