Day: 2013/12/24

Saved by the Magna Carta

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle lists Brooklyn Law School dean Nick Allard’s predictions for 2014.

2. Significantly, in 2014 the ABA will lead the way to restoring the national reputation of law as an honorable, noble profession. For example, next year the ABA will begin a national two-year conversation around its activities to celebrate the upcoming 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. Even children will learn that we are a nation of laws, and many will be able to answer the trivia question: “Who signed the Magna Carta on a grassy field in Runnymede in 1215?” Answer: “No one — it was ‘sealed’ by King John.”

So the ABA does have ace in the hole! That’ll show those right-wing tort-reformers! Step off, Snowden.

1. Ten years from now, people will look back at 2014 and say it marked the start of the new world of law: a renaissance where the respect and reputation of lawyers and law schools began to rise by measurable benchmarks.

Now, now, don’t gainsay this prediction too much, folks. Who among you in January 2004 predicted that the government would preemptively bail out the law schools by nationalizing graduate student lending without any accountability mechanisms?

Yeah, I thought not.

Speaking of measurable benchmarks:

6. On the job front, the employment rates reported in 2014 will be substantially higher than in 2013.

I guess it depends on the definition of “substantially higher.” We shall see.

5. … Law schools will finally begin to attack their irrational and inequitable business model by taking on the heretofore unmentioned elephant in the room, the huge amounts spent on merit scholarships that drive tuition up paid by students who do not receive the scholarships.

That would be a miracle indeed.

Anyway, Merry (Federal) Christmas! And to you non-Christians and non-Americans, Happy Wednesday!