Internet Era Has Neglible Effect on Legal Sector Productivity

…Is an unusual finding I made a while back, and it’s a reason not to go to law school. You can read about it on my most recent Am Law Daily article:

No, It’s Still Not a Good Time to Apply to Law School

In the meantime, I saw the Breeders last week, the night before my lecture at The Henry George School of Social Science, which went well thanks for asking. The Breeders are probably the only early ’90s band I’ve had any real interest in seeing. (The Pixies were a bit before my time.)



I was standing probably 20 feet east by southeast of the bootlegger of this video. I was behind a tall young man wearing a bright orange tuque, indoors. I think people who do that should be arrested and given the indelible mark of the hipster.

The best part of the video is that it’s titled “Canonball,” meaning it complies with Church doctrine.


  1. Very nice work on the Am Law piece (I am relying on Tax Prof’s summary since I’m blocked by Am Law’s paywall).

    The chart is very helpful – if enough people pay enough attention to what it is saying (with six distinct trend lines, the casual reader may tend to conflate the various pieces of source data and get confused).

    I tend to think the casual reader needs to get beat over the head with the obvious – so an “employment shortfall” graph (degrees minus BLS EMP, for instance) might be a winner…

    You may address it in the body of the Am Law piece, but what is the difference between the BLS CPS/EMP surveys?

    Employee-surveyed (CPS) and employer-surveyed (EMP)?

    With a 350,000 to 400,000 atty discrepancy (50%+ of the base!) that is a pretty big honking differential depending upon who is surveyed.

    It is telling that “employees” self-report a 50%(!) higher level of employment than employers do.

    I seem to recall that this differential is a major issue for the overall US employment base as well – CPS sweeping in a lot of part-timers, off-the-bookers, “ebay-entrepreneurs” (Cheney quote?), and the merely “aspirational”.

    This problem is probably greatly sharpened with attys – it is soul-crushing to *admit* how much damage to one’s career has *really* been sustained.

    I am loathe to admit it, but perhaps student self-reporting (self-delusion, really) may have played a part in the utter corruption of law school employment surveys.

    (Naaaah – I’m still in favor of “Truth and Reconciliation/Decapitation Committees” for law school administrations, given their historic crimes against alumni).

    Bottom line – very good work.

    1. Thanks cas127.

      You should be able to access the article for free. Either register or sign in via LinkedIn, and you’ll get 5 full articles free every 30 days. But I will say that CPS is Current Population Survey and EMP is Employment Projections Program, which uses CPS and Establishment Survey data together. I suspect EMP is more accurate and precise.

      Have a Happy New Year

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