Is There a Canadian Law School Scamblog I Don’t Know About?

…Because according to the LSAC, Canadian law school applicants are down 7.9 percent since last year, and an estimated 94 percent of total applicants have applied.

Back in the day Law Students for a Fair Profession discussed the Canadian law graduate glut (not remotely as bad as the U.S.’s) as evidenced by a shortage of articling positions. Maybe people who typically would’ve planned to take a U.S. bar exam now don’t think it’s worth it?



  1. Just guessing here, but the internet is the same in Canada as it is in the US, and while the American blogs focus primarily on the abuses committed by US law schools, they do also draw attention to the fundamental problems of the legal profession in every developed country, and thus provide discouragement for prospective Canadian lawyers.

  2. For many years the provincial law societies (ie the bars) have recognized the post-graduation placement crunch. Since Canadian law grads must complete a clerkship (articling) to be admitted, this is where the glut is felt most acutely. There have several misguided openings of new law schools in Canada over the past 10+ years, under the ridiculous guise of “access to justice”, particularly in Northern and rural areas. Indian reserves and native communities need improved access to healthcare and (quality) education– Not third tier law schools.

  3. And Quebec, being a civil law jurisdiction, is years behind common law jurisdictions as far as law school bubbles are concerned, despite law school being priced the same as an ordinary undergraduate program there…

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