Day: 2015/02/13


The only thing that should surprise anyone less than Hamline’s and William Mitchell’s merger should be their new name, Hamline|Mitchell [UPDATE: It’s actually Mitchell|Hamline. No idea why I got that wrong.], which sounds like a self-satisfied pharmaceutical company. In fact, Mitchell was the product of five law schools between 1900 and 1956. It’s like planetary accretion.

Personally, my money was on University of La Verne, which has still managed to stumble along, despite its superfluousness, but the biggest loser here is Slate‘s Jordan Weissmann who bet a mere $2.00 with UC-Berkeley’s Steven Davidoff Solomon that at least one law school would close or merge by 2018. Come on, everyone knew a law school would close or merge by 2018. Like, what were you thinking?? I swear, the best investment opportunities are squandered on the folks who can afford them.

The only real news of note is what we still don’t know. From the Star Tribune:

[Former Mitchell dean Eric] Janus acknowledged that combining the two schools will result in some cuts in faculty and staff. But he declined to speculate how many jobs may be lost, and said he hoped to avoid layoffs through voluntary attrition.

For reference: Fall 2014 [Hamline, Mitchell]:

  • Full-Time Faculty: 14, 26
  • Deans, librarians, and others who teach: 11, 13
  • Part-Time: 33, 191

The bad news for Minnesota’s legal market is former law profs competing for jobs—and I doubt their amazing experience as law profs will translate to partner offers.