LSAT Tea-Leaf Reading: June 2015 Edition

Make that three administrations in a row that the number of LSATs has risen, so no broken records and pop music jokes. Cast your eyes in horror:

No. LSAT Takers, 4-Testing Period Moving Sum

23,238 people took the LSAT in June 2015, raising the four-testing-period moving sum to 103,124 (+1.4%). Maybe it won’t fall below 100,000 after all.

In other surprising news, the number of law school applicants is … about the same as last year.

No. Applicants Over App Cycle

No. Applications Over App Cycle

It appears going to law school is becoming a thing again—at least later in the application cycle. Color me baffled as to why this is. A year ago, I predicted the bottom had not been reached, but maybe I was mistaken. Still, I’m left with two thoughts. One, is this just random noise or is it evidence of success for the now-is-the-best-time-to-go-to-law-school-ever crowd? Two if so, will we see change in the distribution of applications as opposed to change in the total number of applicants? More people applying to elite law schools that aren’t hurting while continued problems for those lower down.

I have some thoughts on how to test those hypotheses, but that’ll wait for another time.



  1. Or that they’re down to those who’d go to law school regardless.

    Judging from the low LSAT percentiles, they might be pulling in a lot of the group with mediocre grades from medocre schools who have no other prospects.

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