WSJ More Afraid of IBR Than Student Loan Defaults

I woke up early today—and found that Google Alerts punked me!

Google Alert

Yep. People aren’t signing on to IBR … and they’re “surging” on to IBR.

Okay, the most charitable interpretation is that yes, the WSJ is right that big numerators over small denominators give you big percentages, and at the same time, MainStreet is correct that many more people who are eligible for IBR aren’t on it. MainStreet is referring to the large number of borrowers who are delinquent on their loans. In fact, the New York Fed tells us that as of mid-2015 the 90+-day delinquency rate hasn’t gone down since the age of delinquency began in 2013.

2015-08-21 Percent Balance 90+ Days Delinquent

So when the WSJ writes in its article’s subheader, “Taxpayers face risk of covering loans,” it needn’t scare its readers so much: It’s already happening.


  1. Wow, “journalists” being misleading and just making up news again? Who would have thought!


    Pretty much everything out of these news sources is propaganda and BS. That’s why they promote education so much in the first place, when the results are generally awful for younger people.

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