LSAT Tea-Leaf Reading: October 2015 Edition

Halloween happens this weekend and the LSAC is celebrating by giving us yet another increase in LSAT takers. Gaze upon your zombie apocalypse:

No. LSAT Takers, 4-Testing Period Moving Sum

33,229 people took the October LSAT this year, up 7.4 percent from September 2014. The four-period moving sum is up to 105,410 (2.2 percent), just higher than December 2013.

As I hypothesized in June, more people might be taking the LSAT because of the media coverage saying now is the best time ever to go to law school. I happen to think this is a silly position: There really are far more people going to law school than there are indefinite-duration professional jobs available, but at least some lucky people might get strong scholarship opportunities. The catch is that someone has to pay for those scholarships, and that might also be people who borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars believing now is the best time ever to go to law school.

Maybe the recent NYT editorial will have an impact for the future, but regardless, it appears prospective law school applicants are a fickle bunch, easily swayed by mainstream media articles leaning one way or the other.

On the other hand, interest in medical school is at an all-time high. We certainly need doctors more than we need JDs.

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