1. The Berkeley number is wrong. According to their ABA report they had 279 out of 330 employed FTE or 84% or above UVA and in the top 10. In addition, Berkeley had 24 on one year student fellowships that unfortunately the ABA counts as the type of thing given to students who don’t get jobs, so this whould be even higher.

    1. Hello, Berkeley person. I rechecked Berkeley’s employment report and the calculation, and it appears correct. 278 of its 2016 graduates obtained full-time, long-term, bar-passage-required jobs, 21 of which were funded positions. (I subtract those jobs because they can mislead potential applicants into believing that a law school’s long-term employment outcomes are better than the market suggests.) Thus, 257 out of 330 graduates equals 77.9 percent. If there is an error in Berkeley’s employment report, I recommend you contact it so it can send revised information to the ABA.

      As I wrote in the post, “The ABA may revise these data over the next few months.” I do not intend to correct it on a piecemeal basis, particularly because revisions are usually trivial.

  2. I think you are double-counting the 21(24) and so that is why you are down to 77% when in fact it is 84%. In fact if you look at the first section Employment Status you need the 24 PLUS 279 to get to 330. Then the breakdown says 21 of these are long-term funded (this is in fact a scholarship program that is a great thing allowing students to go into a fully funded long term public interest job — it has been around for a long time and is something top ten schools do — the only thing is the other top ten can use private funnels which Berkeley can’t because of state restrictions). And so even if we take your route we still use 279 in the numerator and 330 in the denominator. I think you made this mistake for the rest of the schools but haven’t double-checked.

    1. Berkeley person. You are correct. I was double-counting law-school-funded positions. I apologize for the large error, and I thank you for notifying me of it. You can read the corrected version here.

    1. Hi, Todd. I made many errors in this post, specifically I double-counted law-school-funded positions and I mis-sorted the data for the class of 2015. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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