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Greetings. I am Matt Leichter (pronounced lie-shtr), an attorney licensed in Wisconsin and New York. I received my J.D.-M.A. in law (2008) and international affairs (2009) from Marquette University, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and spent a semester and summer of law school at Temple University’s Tokyo campus in 2007. Before law school, I taught English at Omiya High School in Saitama, Japan, for two years. I started the Law School Tuition Bubble in May of 2010 when I was unemployed primarily to maintain my skills from both my legal and graduate educations, which seemed a better use of my time than playing Tetris while listening to garage rock all day.

You really do need to see Guitar Wolf's zombie movie Wild Zero.

You really do need to see Guitar Wolf’s zombie movie Wild Zero.

To answer your question, I do not regret going to law school; rather, I regret everyone else did. Joking aside, I enjoyed learning what I did, though my temperament is more a graduate student’s than a law student’s. I even like reading judicial opinions for fun when I get the chance. Readers may also notice that I’ve never written pseudonymously (though I refer to myself as “LSTB” occasionally as a shorthand both here and elsewhere on the Internet). I chose to write under my own name because I felt it would strengthen my style, personalize the blog, and allow me to more freely draw from my background. For those reasons, I hope the doodles, which appear less frequently due to time constraints, and interest in music amuse readers. Being open about my identity has drawn respect to my work. Since I write about student debt, I feel it necessary to clarify that my personal financial position is better than most people in my age bracket (which is slowly rising).

You can reach me at matt [dot] leichter [at] gmail [dot] com, but please do not contact me about using my blog for sponsored content.

The Blog

The Law School Tuition Bubble is technically not a law school scamblog, but after its first few months I found myself allied with them over many substantive issues. Although my opinions and tone can be quite passionate and critical of individuals’ work, the emotional source of this Web site is professional, not personal.

As to the blog’s title, I draw some of my inspiration from Dean Baker’s indispensable Beat the Press. Dr. Baker takes upon himself the thankless task of educating the public on macroeconomics, frequently criticizing the majority of economists who didn’t see the $8 trillion housing bubble that wrecked the U.S. economy. Like the housing bubble, the law school tuition bubble is under-reported and misunderstood by people who should know better. The Law School Tuition Bubble will continuously archive, chronicle, and analyze the tuition bubble, and the American legal education system. It is also a platform for student debt reform and neutralizing the power of positional goods in American society, whether college degrees or land, which is why I also draw inspiration from the work of 19th century social reformer Henry George. Tangentially, although I am a staunch advocate for novel blog titles (and legal terminology affords many witty opportunities), I feel this blog’s narrow focus necessitates a simple searchable name. Thus, I cede SpecificPerformance.com to nimbler legal minds.

This blog has gone further than I expected it would when it began. I direct readers to read the contents in the “ORIGINAL RESEARCH (UPDATED)” tab at the top of the blog. It contains my research, and unlike the blog posts they are based on, I try to update them as new data become available or if they contain any errors. Those wishing to cite anything in the LSTB should cite the relevant page on the topic.

For those interested, here’s a link to some of the music I’ve listened to in a category called, “No Bubble—Just ROCK!!

For Tetris junkies, I recommend firstpersontetris.com, especially its “Night Mode.”


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