Forget Indiana Tech’s Low Enrollment…

…And look at La Verne’s. (These data are for its full-time program, by the way.)

La Verne Application Data

I’m surprised that the school stayed open after getting only 209 applications last year.La Verne Enrollment Data

The ABA never should have restored La Verne’s provisional accreditation in 2012. Rescinding it in 2011 caused a nosedive in applications and a surge in out-transfers. It never recovered, and there’re no reasons to believe 2013 will be better.

If La Verne stays open, there will be a lot of empty seats in classrooms, but if it closes, the good news for the students is that they can claim an administrative discharge for their law school loans from the Department of Education—unless they transfer to another law school.


  1. Good post. I don’t even know why this law school is even around.California has 60 law schools, which includes ABA fully-approved and provisionally approved schools along with a whole bunch of unaccredited law schools. It’s not like La Verne would even be missed.

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